Pyramid Scheme

36 years ago a baby with a man-sized head named Benjamin Jaeger-Thomas was born. Using his adult-sized brain to full employment this infant started scheming from day one, convincing his mother and doctor that they were brilliant people, the perfect fit for a new job opportunity he had developed while in the womb. It wasn't long before he had these two candidates on board, investing undisclosed amounts in little Ben's new financial development program in exchange for a comfortable middle management position within the company. A bright future, indeed, awaited this cornerstone of the Pyramid. Fast forward 12 years. In the wilds of Wisconsin, a lanky Devin Horne emerges from his mother's loins. Disarming in demeanor, the nurses couldn't help but entrust their funds to this infant. Months later the broke nurses read the newspaper in shock as they saw the grinning child smoking a cigar on his yacht in the Caribbean surrounded by questionable women. The second cornerstone of the Pyramid had been laid. 2 years later a fully bearded Kevin Shimko leaped from the delivery room and coerced the hospital staff into submission through a verbal tirade never before seen in the nursery wing. Doctors, nurses, aunts, and uncles hurled bundles of cash at the bearded baby, doing all they could to satiate this child's desire for power and a quick profit. This set the final cornerstone of the Great Pyramid Scheme. 22 years later the three would meet in New York City. Recognizing instantly the potential encapsulated in one another, they quickly sought to build their Pyramid. Selling nothing but a handshake and a cool smile, they are the Pyramid Scheme. Pyramid Scheme is a three man improv group featuring: Benjamin Jaeger-Thomas Kevin Shimko Devin Andrew Horne Coaching thanks to Amy Albert.